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In this sequel to Zeran's Folly, you play as Felix (or Felicia), an adventurer on their first big solo adventure away from home. To find their holy grail they'll have to schmooze friends, thumb wrestle with enemies, and upgrade all their junk.

Itch.io exclusive! Includes the OST (in the Soundtrack folder) and exclusive outfits.

Cool Stuff

  • Eight unique weapons to level up and master that you can switch between instantly anywhere. There's even a gun
  • Lots of outfits to play dress-up with
  • A dragon's hoard's worth of magic rings that improve your abilities
  • Plenty of places to explore and die in
  • Full controller support with rebinding menu
  • Cool soundtrack from jaunty tunes to abusive metal
  • German and Swiss German localizations
  • Cats

New Stuff

  • Weapons level up! Level up each weapon to increase power and unlock slots for upgrades
  • New armor rating! Keep your duds up to snuff or you'll end up face-down in a pool of your own blood
  • Hordes of new enemies to kill
  • New Destroyer Mode (hard mode). No upgrades allowed. Can you handle it?
  • Hip Flask rebalance and new Mega Potion buffs. Drink from the Hip Flask to get temporary buffs to attack power, defense, and even slow time
  • New minigames like Gel Blast, Blackjack, and Hoverboard Surfing
  • More save slots (yay!)
  • New features like Smart Camera and Damage Numbers


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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